People Need To Avoid Misconceptions About Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has gained huge popularity throughout the world in different industrial sectors. Today, people are expecting more with the rapid development of innovative tools & technologies. Companies are relying on “cloud computing services” to leverage a more agile IT infrastructure, cut expenditures and other capital spends. But, people have numerous misconceptions about this technology due to the limited understanding & knowledge. At this juncture, I want to debunk most common misconceptions with the aim to reduce confusion among people.

cloud computing services

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Let’s take a look at some common misunderstanding about cloud technology:

  • Same For All & Solves Everything

One of the biggest misconceptions is that cloud is one-size-fits-all or a single entity. It has led to several business owners believing that is fits for all business solution and IT issues. But, it is not logical as everyone has different IT requirements. It has received a lot of attention in recent years, but doesn’t solve everything. Thus, when you start search for the best services for your business, it is very important to recognize how it will benefit you.

  • It Is Risky

Here is confusion that the public cloud that is shared is in some way more risky than traditional infrastructure. But, all the risks in the cloud computing services are addressable. In fact, the great thing about this technology is that it is a very flexible solution and tailored to each client.

  • An Unreliable Technology

Usually, cloud technology will not have one hundred percent up-time. On the other hand, the up-time to costs ratio shows that cloud is likely to provide a top-level of reliability along with security as compared to equally priced in-house systems.

  • Not Very Much Secure

Customers have one of the major misconceptions is that it is not as secure as the conventional data servers. But, cloud technology is a very safe and significant way to secure, store and share your business information or data. Indeed, it restores command to businesses by controlling the process of any organization efficiently. For this, you need to have host-based protection tools, encryption key management and behavior-based key management servers for secure cloud environments.

  • Available only for SMEs

It is true that “Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises” (SMEs) are faster to adopt new technology than big enterprises. But, the myth is that a company can be too large to use cloud computing technology, which is ridiculous. The big companies usually have larger business budgets as compared to SMEs, so it is uncertain that enterprises can make more use of it.

You need to avoid all aforesaid uncertainties about cloud services. Generally, it is an excellent way to create a more agile technological infrastructure for a company and cut expenditure by reducing capital. Moreover, expert cloud services help all businesses in achieving their goals as well as in financial growth.


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